To be Possessed by You

To be sorted, set among your souvenirs, your stock photographs, your classics. To be licked clean like a cat. To be laid out some nights on your fire escape, bleached by the moon to match your sheets. To be safe in the style of rolled coins, safe like heirloom pearls under glass, safe like sleep….


Colored pencil and ink on paper 2010.

Pet Project

I built the bear from what I knew of horses. I didn’t know running except towards joy so I molded his legs as sinewed spindles. When he was done, his mouth seemed too long, the slope of his spine distinctly equine but when I called him Bear he answered. I fed him warm milk in…

Gemma Ward

  Colored pencil and ink on paper 2010.

The Solar Panel Your Father Bought Me for Our Anniversary

———–after Michael J. Hartwell He says the fact that I don’t like it means I’m getting old. He says we’ve lived long enough that we’ve done roses and diamonds to the death. It’s the future, he says, it’s technology, get used to it. But if you’d visit, you’d understand. If you could see it, orphaned…

Red Tide

Red Tide

Colored pencil and ink on paper 2011.

I made this for my sister’s birthday. Colored pencil and ink on paper 2011.