Gouache on paper. 2019.

I never wore an ethnic dress

I never marched in a nationality parade or drew a family tree, or said these are his eyes, her mouth, it runs in the family. I looked for myself in strangers, stood in a grocery aisle surveying the slope of a woman’s nose, the color of her hair. I never felt hurt by a racist…

Watching Episodes of ‘I Shouldn’t Be Alive’ in Reverse

We like tears sucked into ducts, the way waterfalls look running upwards. Viewed in reverse the sea ejaculates helicopters and lightning. Bears appear with limbs in loose jaws, healing hikers and tidying campsites. A ribcage coughs up buckshot. The mountain inhales its shelf of snow. We like the hour condensed, flares asleep in their nests,…


Gardener Shot with Canon Rebel T3i. May 2017.