Top 10 Tips From Women Business Owners (Content Writing)

Google “tips for women” and guess what you get. That’s right – page upon page of fashion, dating and weight-loss advice. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to Zumba off a few pounds or snare your own Peeta Mellark, if you’re like the women who work at The Content Factory, you likely have loftier ambitions. Ambitions like starting your own business, for example, or turning the business you’ve already founded into an international success. Recently, we asked women business owners to give us the inside scoop on their success. If you’re looking to join their ranks, follow the business-savvy tips below. 

1. Donate your skills. “Advertising is expensive,” says professional photographer Catherine Fiehn, “but the easiest way to get good PR is by donating your services a few times a year to a charity.” At Halloween, Catherine has the local kids come in for a low-cost photo, and the proceeds are donated to charity. Because it’s for charity, the newspapers print the notice for free. The result? A ton of new customers, some of whom are stopping in for the very first time. We recently went to a RAINN benefit and we do pro-bono PR work for Dress For Success Pittsburgh. Not only do we feel good about helping out great organizations, but we’ve also made some great connections as a result. Check out the awesome professional photo we got for free for attending the RAINN fundraiser compliments of Front Row Monthly.

2. Be grateful. Sharon Armstrong is an author who owns her own consulting business. “I’ve had my own business since 2000,” she says. “My best tip for success is to remember to thank those who help you grow your business. Never forget! And thank folks in a personal way, if possible.”

3. Keep moving forward. Thursday Bram, owner of the consulting firm Hyper Modern Consulting, says, “Remember that success is always within reach. No matter what happens, there is always a way to work around it, to turn a problem into an opportunity or even to take a deep breath and power through. This isn’t to say that if something isn’t working you should keep banging your head into it, but you can and should always keep moving forward.”

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