Beyond Monogamy: The New Relationship Rules (Content Writing)

What was your favorite fairy tale as a kid? Whether it came from the brothers Grimm or Walt Disney, there’s a high chance the happily ever after followed a predictable formula: man and woman meet, fall in love, maybe fight some dragons or sea monsters, and then ride off into the sunset together.

What if the story didn’t end there? What if Prince Charming and Prince Valiant wanted to give swinging a try? What if Cinderella wanted to try on partners instead of slippers? And what if the result was a new kind of relationship, one that made us all rethink what it means to be intimate, trusting, or even in love?

A monogamous relationship isn’t the only path to romantic and sexual happiness, and more people than ever are building the kind of love life that truly works for them — instead of the one society tells them should. We reached out to relationship experts and some non-monogamous people to find out why these arrangements are gaining popularity and what you should know before trying them out for yourself.

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