15 Professional Etiquette Mistakes You Need to Stop Making (Content Writing)

Learning professional etiquette is a bit like living in a foreign country. You can understand some aspects of etiquette inherently, some you learn from mentors or guides, and some you discover after making mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are small — you use the wrong word when ordering lunch in Bilbao, or forget to refill the coffee pot in the break room. You’re gently corrected. Next time, you get it right.

Some professional etiquette mistakes are bigger. These mistakes anger your coworkers and jeopardize business relationships. If they go unchecked, they cumulate into a thundercloud that hangs over your office, your company, or even follow you for the rest of your career. “Oh,” says a new lead when you introduce yourself at a conference, “Don’t worry, I’ve already heard of you.”

These are the scenarios effective marketers want to avoid. Avoiding these common etiquette mistakes can help:

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  1. OH GOSH! There is one woman in our office that responds to EVERY email that is sent out. She hits “reply all” and we see her personal email all day!


    1. Time for an intervention! LOL


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