International Business Etiquette: 30 Things You Probably Don’t Know (Content Writing)

International business etiquette can be challenging. It changes shape, shifting as you cross borders, taking new forms as you travel across time zones. How you take your tea, how you wear your suit — they send different signals in Osaka than they do in Chennai. So when it comes to making a great impression, your good intentions will only take you so far.

Many of the business etiquette rules of your home country likely come as second nature to you. You know them because you grew up watching them on television, seeing them performed by the adults around you, or learning them first-hand from a parent or grandparent. You can’t rely on your intuition and dashing good looks alone to navigate the waters of international business. You need to do your research and be willing to unlearn some of your hard-wired cultural beliefs.

So before your stamp your passport, take some time to brush up on these unique rules of international business etiquette:

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